Frequently Asked Questions

How many tables do we need?

 Generally 60-70% of your attendees will play the casino games.  Tables can accommodate different number of players.

  • BlackJack – 7 players
  • Roulette – 8 players
  • Craps – 12 players
  • Poker – 8 players

How do our guests receive chips to play with?

 We will supply you with a customized chip voucher for each of your guests. We will work with you to design these and to determine the amount of chips each guest will start with. They can include a company logo, message, or picture. You may distribute these vouchers as guests arrive, at registration, or one of several other creative ways. Your guests may redeem these vouchers in with any of the casino dealers. 

How long should my casino party last?

Most casino parties last 3 hours of playing time.  This allows plenty of time for players to try different games.

When should we open the tables / start the gaming?

Try to allow at least 1 hour before starting the casino portion of your event. This gives your guests time to arrive, settle in, socialize and eat before you start the games. Also remember to plan adequate time to award your prizes upon completion of the gaming. 

How should we give away prizes?


There are 3 basic ways to award the prizes:

  • Raffle
  • Auction
  • Top Winners

 Of all the versions listed, we highly recommend the raffle method.  It is by far the best method for fund-raisers.

Do we need to tip the dealers?

Tipping the dealers is entirely up to you. Our staff will never solicit tips from your guests. At some events, guests may tip dealers directly as they play.  Many  event hosts will add a tip to the final payment. Customary dealer gratuity is 15% to 20% of the total invoiced amount. Any amount received will be divided equally among the dealer crew.